Anton Repponen‘s iOS’86 has been the talk of  online design community in the last weeks. These stunning retro designs also got our attention and provoked an interesting discussion. Why are these mock-ups so irresistible? Why does e-ink (to quote our Paris reporter & technology aficionado François Joseph) have such an attraction in digital times? And why does removing color and working in shades of grey create this extra feeling of creativity? We haven’t found the answer but we enjoyed contemplating.
Although Repponen took some liberty in his design – John Gruber pointed out that the font should have been Geneva 9, not Chicago – he did send us back to the early Apple times. And it is most likely precisely this feeling of finding back some lost innocence in a medium that is inherently focused on the newest, the fastest and the lightest that is so appealing. It’s as if this design let Proust win over Moore.