Alighiero Boetti’s (1940–1994) large-scale retrospective Game Plan has started today @ Tate Modern. The exhibition is divided thematically into 13 rooms, highlighting Boetti’s engagement with geopolitics (through the famous series of embroidered Maps and works/documentation related to Boetti’s travels to Quatemala, Ethiopia and Afghanistan), his fascination with compositional games (Order & Disorder & Postal Works) and with the absurdity of classifying (The Thousand Longest Rivers in the World etc.) Our favorites are probably Mettere al mondo il mondo (translated as either Bringing the world into the world or Giving birth to the world) – bringing together enormous biro pen drawings and embroideries and focusing on Boetti’s principle of reusing existing elements while adding new interpretations to them in the process – and Alternando da uno a cento e viceversa (Alternating from one to a hundred and vice versa), a room full of carpets with numeric combinations woven into them. See our set of Flickr from impressions from yesterday’s preview.

Game Plan is curated by Mark Godfrey with the assistance of Kasia Redzisz. It will run till May 27th 2012, in parallel with the expo of Yayoi Kusama.