It’s hard not to notice the spotted commotion at the Gagosian Empire. Quite some fuzz from art critics and bloggers, clearly some people have had enough of the Hirst-iarrhea that is celebrating the height of its boredom – hence success with the coincidence of the 11 Spot Painting Shows throughout the world. “Why? Just because they can” to quote ArtFagCity.

The spot paintings are passé in so many ways. They are a small, visual, nihilistic joke; the crystallization of artistic self-reduction of a great marketeer; a best-practice of how the 90s art world was more fueled by Wall Street bonuses than by artistic integrity, both from the artist and the buyer side, pushing the gallery owner in a purely commercial/transactional role.

And this is exactly why this show is irrelevant – it is boring because it is coming too late, it looks back at what nobody with a genuine interest in art is excited about today. It doesn’t tell us something new: not about the work, not about the artist and surely not about the world we live in today. It’s all been there, done that. So let’s move on and focus on the more exciting stuff happening in the art world today!

On a more positive side, we really like “The Complete Spot Challenge“. This idea is brilliant: let people travel across over the world to see shows and give them the chance to acquire their very own Hirst print. It pushes the loyalty card to another level; it stays a prestige trip but must be a great experience too. Was it Hirst’s idea? Larry’s idea? Some agency’s idea? Hey, look at it as an act of appropriation of the loyalty card in the context of the ultimate luxury art goods. It certainly made us smile. And that is already more than the dots galore will do.