(see our photos from the show)

Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist, one of the heavyweights of the contemporary arts, shows videos, sculptures and installations in a solo exhibition @ Hayward Gallery. The show includes Rist’s pieces from the last 30 years and the title – “Eyeball Massage” – nicely hints at the fact that you gonna experience one hell of a visual feast. Great shapes, colors and inventive locations to place mini-screens might remind you of pleasant LSD trip. So might the somewhat hippie-esque settings, where maze of curtains hanging in the dark, filled with projected images, easily confuse your sense of orientation. Be careful not to accidentally step on groups of visitors stretched out on the floor, collectively sharing the happiness.

Lots of nudity plus colorful underwear installation on display, so worth a visit. And you can take photos – a privilege one comes across less & less these days (needless to say the exhibition is extremely photogenic!).