(“Self-portrait of You + Me (David Bowie)”, 2010 by Douglas Gordon. Yvon Lambert Gallery)

… which one’s the most beautiful of them all?

Vanity is definitely our favorite sin… and present in abundance on every major artfair. So with these shiny pieces we conclude this year’s Frieze report. Hasta la vista in New York, next year in May!

(for more pics from Freeze, see our set on Flickr)

(“Now”, 2011 by Doug Aitken. 303 Gallery)

(“Designation”, 2011 by Josephine Meckseper. Timothy Taylor Gallery)

(“Untitled”, 2011 by Jim Lambie. Sadie Coles Gallery)

(“Clown’s Hands”, 2011 by Raschid Johnson. Hauser & Wirth)