More photos from Frieze and Frame on Flickr

Brussels’ gallery D+T Project took a leap of faith in their artist Elena Bajo (born in Spain, lives in Berlin & LA) and gave her carte blanche for her presentation @ Frame.

Bajo decided to create site-specific work consisting out of leftovers from the Frieze Art Fair tent’s construction and such draw the attention on objects integral to the fair, but usually invisible in its final stage. The result is a sculpture (or a painting, when spread out on a wall) from a rolled-up cardboard paper that has been used to cover the floor while painting the walls of the fair. This purely practical object becomes thus a comment on the art fair, the art business and the art practice.

As the process of making is of equal importance as the end result, in this type of work, Bajo has documented the work by taking each day a picture and showing it on a random page of a newspaper.