A show that one definitely shouldn’t miss is DJED – exhibition of new sculptures by Matthew Barney - which has opened last night @ Barbara Gladstone Gallery in NY.

DJED is Barney’s first New York exhibition of the Ancient Evenings project, on which he’s been working since 2007. The exhibition includes three monumental sculptures as well as several preparatory drawings for the project. Interesting element is the artist’s departure from his signature materials – plastics and petroleum jelly -, to more traditional ones, such as iron, bronze, lead and copper.
Thanks to Cremaster blog, we’ve found some more background info on DJED, the central piece in the show:
“The Djed symbol is a pillar-like ancient Egyptian symbol representing stability. It has been interpreted as the backbone of the Egyptian god Osiris. During the Renewal Festival, the Djed would be ceremonially raised as a phallic symbol symbolising the potency and duration of the pharaoh’s rule.”