The Hole is an exciting young gallery run by Kathy Grayson (former director at Deitch Projects where she was responsible for relations with emerging artists) at the Lower East Side in New York. Next Saturday you can drop there to see the opening of “Exotic Beta“, a solo show of American artist Evan Gruzis.

According to the press release, Exotic Beta fuses a sense of the exotic with the language of market research to explore the way meaning is made and the relativity of “taste”. It also refers to an alternative form of asset class in investment markets: like an art collector who starts buying baseball cards.

The centerpiece of the show will be a tryptic called Stratatos (pictured above), form contemporary Vanitas playing with themes of beauty and teenage culture, as well as a metronome showing us that time is inevitably ticking away.

Exotic Beta opens on September 10 from 7-10 pm and will be on view through October 22.

In parallel, another show of Evan Gruzis called “Shadow Work” will run at Nicole Klagsbrun Project.