Occupy Wall Street is a non-violent protest action against financial greed and corruption, initiated by Canadian non-profit organization Adbusters and subsequently endorsed and promoted by the international Internet hacktivist collective Anonymous.

The action has began on 17 September in New York, soon spreading to other US cities: Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, followed by more than 50 others. For further information, and live coverage, visit the following sites:

OccupyWallSt.org (coverage NYC)
OccupyChi.org (coverage Chicago)
OccupyBoston (livestream from Boston)
OccupySF (coverage San Francisco)
Occupy Together (hub for all related events)
Global Revolution (live video stream from the protests)
Guardian (article on the action, from 21 September)
Interview with Michael Moore (who addressed the crowd in NY 4 days ago)
Occupy Wall Street on Wikipedia (background, chronology of events & links)

Photo above:
computer-manipulated image by artist Scott Lickstein presenting his vision of “virtual turnout”, in other words what the streets would look like if all the online supporters joined the real-life protesters.
(the print is available as a signed and numbered edition of 5 via the artist’s website)