Don’t miss Andra Ursuta‘s show “Vandal Lust”, finishing tomorrow @ Ramiken Crucible, NYC.

The young Romanian-born and NY-based artist presents an impressive sculpture loosely inspired by Ilya Kabakov’s 1984 installation The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment. Similar to Kabakov’s escape from communism theme, the artist explores feelings such as self-invention and self-destruction which are still very present in the countries of the former Eastern Block.

Excerpt from the press release:

“Vandal Lust depicts the aftermath of the artist’s attempt to catapult herself into space using a large medieval siege engine – a trebuchet – built to the limits of space capacity and loosely based on reconstructions found online. Rather than a solid, monolithic structure, the part wood, part castplastic weapon includes a variety of materials ranging from cardboard to remnants of destroyed or abandoned projects to shards of tile from the recently removed gallery floor.”

Ramiken is going to present Andra Ursuta in the Frame section of this year’s Frieze Art Fair, which is dedicated to solo artist presentations. If you’re be visiting the fair in October, don’t miss it!