Lifestyle guru Jennifer Rubell first worked in the food industry, then wrote for it and finally used food to make art performances. Daughter of Don & Mera Rubell, prodigious contemporary art collectors whose private Museum/Foundation is well-known far beyond its Miami location, Jennifer has been surrounded by the art (world) since her infancy. Since more than a decade, she has also been organizing her parents’ yearly brunch party at Art Basel/Miami, using the occasion to create a mix of culinary and visual delights.

You can see some of her recent pieces, including a cotton-candy-padded cell or a doughnut-pattern wall on her website. And sweetness will prevail also for future projects, which are promised to involve bees – and, inevitably, some honey. Jennifer recently exhibited at Stephen Friedman gallery in London, LACMA in Los Angeles & Saatchi Gallery in London. Also her upcoming shows agenda is nicely full… so keep your eyes open and yr stomachs ready!

(The image above is from the Stephen Friedman show, featuring the artist with her work “Engagement”: life-size sculpture of Prince William with a replica of the famous engagement ring pinned to his sleeve. Visitors are invited to interact accordingly).