(photo above is from Richard Billingham‘s series “Ray’s A Laugh” which documents the life of his alcoholic father Ray, and obese, heavily-tattooed mother, Liz)

During our summer trip to Prague we visited the “Undeniably Me” exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum, focusing on the phenomena of perception and identity and featuring a great selection of pieces from a number of international art heavyweights.

The – mostly 2 dimensional – works include photographs from Christian Boltanski, Richard Billingham, Andreas Gursky and Thomas Ruff, paintings by Marlene Dumas, Luc Tuymans and Elizabeth Peyton and videos by Fiona Tan and Bruce Nauman.

The masterpiece of the show is an installation by Gerhard Richter, consisting of 48 photo-realistically painted portraits of influential men from the past (artists, women and politicians excluded), based on black and white encyclopedia images from the 70s. Richter’s installation is juxtaposed with a reply from Gottfried Helnwein: 48 watercolor portraits depicting exclusively women of historic influence.