Photo courtesy of and copyright Museum of London

Amidst fascinating displays of maps, timelines and London ephemera, the aptly-named Museum of London features an amusing and historically captivating display of street photography, from the 1850s to our times.

Aptly mixing the lucky output of Sunday snapshotters with the carefully composed works of professional street artists, the exhibit provides a unique look into the daily life of a bustling city most of us know through the distorting lens of BBC serials and tourist guides.

Small enough to « check out » on a rainy day, the show is informative, entertaining and well documented. One regrets the absence of a driving force, or central question, that would have gone beyond the somewhat superficial visual stimulation it offers, but it still comes highly recommended in every way.

Deeper insights into the role of photography and the life of its adepts are briefly provided by the filmed interviews opening the exhibition. Be sure to give yourself enough time to sit through the reel (about 20 minutes), which is guaranteed to put the visit in sharper contrast and perspective.

Entrance free.