Dream City” is a common project of young Dutch photographer Anoek Steketee and writer Eefje Blankevoort. Together, they visited amusement parks in Iraq, Lebanon, Rwanda, China, some parts of the USA and other countries, with Steketee taking photographs of visitors, employees, the equipment and the surroundings . The fantasy world of the parks and the reality of the daily life within the places where they’re located can be seen either as strongly contrasting or as sharing virtually the same absurdities, depending on how you look. Either way, you’ll be amazed.

The title of the project originates from a name of amusement park in Iraq. Kurds, Arabs – Shiites and Sunnis -, Christians, Muslims and American soldiers, they all visit the park. Segments of the Iraqi population that were submerged in a deadly struggle outside the gates. In the park they amuse themselves next to each other in the Ferris wheel.