The holiday months are as good as over and the autumn art season is about to begin everywhere. In Antwerp, the galleries are getting ready to present some of their best race horses during Nocturne on Thursday 8 September from 6 to 9 pm.

We’re looking forward to see “The Bermuda Triangle Is A Fraud” a project from Berlin-based artist Steve Schepens, on view at Galerie Van De Weghe.

Next door at Maes and Matthys, Lieven Segers“iamleaving” triggers equal interest.

Couple of streets further Tim Van Laere presents the great Rinus Van De Velde (see image above), together with Peter Rogiers.

The American Kim Jones can be found at Zeno X.

And finally: don’t miss Mark Luyten at Micheline Szwajcer.

For the more adventurous, willing the explore beyond the obvious territory of the Antwerp “south”, there’s Base Alpha in Borgerhout – showing Michèle Matyn – which should not be missed; and Fifty One Fine Art Photography with a solo of Saul Leiter.

Enjoy and get in the mood for the adjacent weekend event: the Brussels art parade!

(The complete program of all the galleries can be consulted via the Nocturne Calendar)