New superflat series of paintings and sculptures from art superstar Takashi Murakami are on display at Gagosian’s Britannia street gallery through August 5. If you haven’t been yet, add it to the must-see London list, together with the previously mentioned Charming Baker & Matthew Day Jackson.

Murakami’s new pieces present an image of an idealized, eroticised and fantastical world, providing “an exclamation mark to the enduring obsession with sexuality in contemporary human society”. (excerpt from press release).
In paintings, graphic depictions of exaggerated and engorged male and female genitals are set against delirious backgrounds of image and pattern. Sculptures include the more-than-generously endowed 3-Meter Girl pictured above, as well as highly polished metal penis of towering proportions, Mr Big Mushroom and Miss Clam, an inviting metal vagina.