Title of this post should actually be “Everyone Must Go to London before The End of This Month”, so as not to miss three fantastic shows, all closing in one week’s time.

Nr 1, hat tip from our friend Patrick Nguyen @ Arrested Motion, is Charming Baker’s pop-up show at Mercer Street Studios, Covent Garden.

Charming’s last year show in New York, Stupid Has a New Hero, was quite a hit and sold out before its opening to no less than Damien Hirst himself. This trend seem to repeat itself also in London: pre-sold show (not all to Hirst this time ;-)), huge celebrity turnup at the opening and most importantly: great works! Along with new paintings, you can also see a collection of bronze busts, as well as limited edition of prints.
Read all about it in Patrick’s post and let his numerous photos lure you into experiencing the show in real!

By the way: on his site, Charming mentions his influences being cheap books, heroes, girls, Zulus, odd-looking women, suburbia, da riddum, family, stories, horses, dogs, packaging, summer holidays, the smell of make-up and cheap perfume, powertools, tea, tomatoes, Britain in Colour. Thumbs up!!! :-D

(Photo: Charming Baker’s painting I Hope Life’s Not A Joke Because I Don’t Find It Funny, taken by Patrick Nguyen for Arrested Motion)