Steve Lambert is an American artist who believes that “art is a bridge that connects uncommon, idealistic, or even radical ideas with everyday life“. During the last couple of years, Steve created projects such as “The New York Times Special Edition” (fake copy of the NYT, issued one week after Obama’s election and including 14 pages of best case scenario news set nine months in the future) or “Add-Art” (a Firefox add-on that replaces commercial banners with art).

In his new endeavor called “Capitalism Works For me“, Steve Lambert adds an interactive layer on his thinking. He will create a 20ft long sign that will travel throughout the US, up to and beyond the 2012 Presidential Elections. Wherever the sign would stop, people will be able to vote and conversations will be encouraged to start. Besides the tour, Steve is going to make a book, website and videos, documenting people’s interactions and thoughts.
In order to finance this impressive project, the artist has put up a Kickstarter project page, so don’t hesitate to browse through for more information and if you feel like, become one of the contributors!