This year’s VOLTA7 Limited Edition artist happened to be no-one else than the multi-talented artist and our good friend Carlos Aires. His edition consisted of two motifs, titled Disco Little Dancer and Gimme Love and unsurprisingly, has been sold by midweek.
Carlos undertakes an iconographic research on images of explicit sexual attitudes, world disasters, pop characters, art historical masterpieces and war-related shots taken from internet, newspapers and archives; then he uses a digital process to capture the silhouettes drawn from the images and employs a laser-cut equipment to prepare the pieces of a previously sketched installation. He then chooses the appropriate vinyl that matches with the silhouette, making an association between the title of the album and the shape. (excerpt form press release)

Besides the edition itself, the fair visitors could admire new works from Carlos at the ADN gallery booth. These included series of prints, on which golden song lyrics combined with random old photographs imagery transformed themselves into beautiful, yet absurd comic book style objects, a heart-shaped wall installation, How Deep Is Your Love, created from knifes engraved with romantic song titles (see above), and a several others of his great laser-cut vinyl record installations.