see our photos from Volta 7

Last weekend we drove to Basel to absorb impressions of the last days of the Fair of All Fairs as well as its smaller satellite brothers – Volta and Liste.
Our photos from Volta 7 are now online, covering majority of the galleries present.

Some of our favorite stands included ADN Galeria from Barcelona, showing the invincible combination of Bruno Peinado and Carlos Aires. Three of Bruno Peinado’s “Smiley RVB” were consequently sold to a museum and private collections and also Carlos’ installation for this year’s Volta Limited Edition was sold out in the first couple of days.

We enjoyed the stands of Ron Mandos and Cokkie Snoei, both from Amsterdam. Ron Mandos bet on sober black and white, showing the architectural sculptures of Renato Nikolodi, charcoal drawings by Renie Spoelstra and photographs by Martin Effert. Cokkie Snoei was the direct opposite qua look & feel, but equally good, with – amongst others – playful installation of American artist Tracey Snelling.

Star of the show was undoubtedly “The Night Also Falls“, a huge fallen charcoaled chandelier by young Russian artist Nika Neelova (*1987 Moscow) at Jarmuschek & Partner, sold to Museum Biedermann (same who bought the Smileys, btw).
Some other pieces that caught other attention were installation from Ivan Moudov @ Galerija Skuc (Ljubljana), Yves Netzhammer‘s drawings @ Galerie Anita Beckers (Frankfurt / Main) and
Sanja Ivekovic‘s GEN XX series @ espaivisor (Valencia).

Just next door to Volta at the Dreispitzhalle complex we quickly popped by the House of Electronic Arts to see their current show Together in Electric Dreams. House of Electronic Arts is an organization dedicated to exploring art that applies, addresses and reflects on new media and technologies. Together in Electric Dreams is curated by Raffael Dörig and addresses the fundamental aspect of our electronic lives in which we share a virtual space but are physically worlds apart. Our fav piece involved prepaid calls from the future – always fun!

- Stay tuned for our coverage of Liste 16 & of course Art Basel 42 -