First batch of our photos from Arsenale is now online. Stay tuned for more!

Impossible to pass by the three sculptures of Urs Fischer in the Arsenale without stopping in amusement. What seems to be, at first glance, just a wax reproduction of Giovanni Bologna’s The Rape of the Sabine Women, Rudolf Stingel’s sculpture of a standing man and an office chair, gets a nice twist once you realize that all 3 of them melt slowly down like giant candles, leaving traces of vax running down on their surface and dripping on the floor.
By the time we saw them, the man lost his head (it was placed neatly at his feet, not burning anymore) and the fire was biting deep into his torso, one of the Sabines was very much armless and the chair looked like what’d be left after a particularly violent office raid.

Together with Christian Marclay’s The Clock, a piece that u just gotta keep watching :-)