photos of the Israeli Pavilion

With One man’s floor is another man’s feelings, Sigalit Landau has put up a poetic and highly political show in the Israeli Pavilion.

Water, and access to it, plays a vital role in the Middle East region since decades. In Landau’s installation water becomes the central metaphor. Upon entering the Pavilion, one is confronted with huge industrial pipe lines and water meters stacked “like veins irrigating a body”. On the top floor, the absence of water is most striking in the work Salt Crystal Fishing Net: a fishing net that has become a sculpture of salt crystals from the dead sea.
and Salt Bridge Summit debate are two videos discussing political topics. The individual works fit into a very strong, poetic story or as the press release mentions: “Like salt deposited on an object or penetrating a wound, the journey that Sigalit Landau is plotting for Venice crystallize the fears and hopes of these uncertain times”.