French street artist Invader, famous for his tile mosaics of space invaders “invading” streets of many cities around the world (surely you came across one of these at one time or another) is celebrating the placement of his 1000th piece in style: with two simultaneous solo shows in Paris, at La Générale and at Galerie Le Feuvre.
We went to see both of them last weekend and took plenty of photos, so take a peek!

The shows include several different types of work. Large part of the La Générale show consisted of pixelized images constructed out of Rubik cubes (with the great name Rubikcubism). Cool idea, but after seeing something like 30 of them, it wears off just a tiny little bit.
Our favorite pieces – apart from the famous tile mosaics – were maps documenting the various city invasions elegantly designed and filled with plenty of funny elements and details.
Oh, and the waffles from the unique space invader toaster – see above – tasted just swell!