Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art opens next week Transgression, “an exhibition that explores art-practices that challenge and consider the representation of sexuality and gender-constructs in art and society, including those issues generated from (hetero)normative perspectives, but also issues and representations of relevance to LGBT communities, feminist perspectives, and marginalized voices.” Looking at the list of artists participating in the show and reading the texts accompanying the press release, this show promises to be a very interesting journey in highly self-conscious and radical works of photography, painting and video. The auto-biographic photographs of Jakob Lena Knebl – featured in this post with the work “DISNEYFICATION” and mentioned by the curator as one of the first inspirations for this exhibition – are a good example of the quality you can expect during a visit. Transgression, on display @ Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art, June 2 – July 3.