One needs to say that since last time, the interior of Dhondt-Dhaenens has changed a lot :-).
The now clean and tidy museum has 3 individual shows on dispay: two Belgian artists, Sophie Kuijken and Thomas Bogaert, and the American conceptualist Christopher Williams.

Each of the three artists uses different type of media – namely oil paint, film and photography – but they all manage to employ them to create weird, estranged effect between what you see and how you perceive it. Christopher Williams photographs commercial products in such a sharp, perfectionist and detached manner that it ignores the original utilitarian function of the objects.
Thomas Bogaert manipulates the framing, the tempo and the soundtrack of his Super-8 movies and Sophie Kuijken paints rather archaically looking realistic portraits with a subtle morphological twist.

See some photos we took of the museum and the works on our Flickr.