Ron van der Ende‘s first abstract piece ever and from the look of it we hope that there will be more in the future.
For those not familiar with the artist and his work: Ron is a Rotterdam-based sculptor who specialized in wall-mounted bas-relief sculptures constructed from salvaged wood, nails, and glue. The original color and texture of the wood is utilized to form a gripping and realistic mosaic, further enhanced by the perspective built into the relief. The impression you get when looking at a photo of his work is that of a monumental 3-dimensional object – but the actual depth of the individual works is merely few centimeters. Seeing them for the first time in reality is something you’re not likely to forget and an excellent example of the power of optical illusion.

The recurrent theme in Ron’s works is industrial and space imagery: cars, planes, submarines etc, interlarded with frequent surprises (pun definitely intended).
Here are some photos taken in Ron’s studio in February this year, of pieces created for his solo at The Armory Show 2011 (@ Ambach & Rice gallery).

Want to know more? Last summer Lodown Magazine published a great article about Ron. And you should definitely not miss the next issue of the Elephant mag – just saying ;-).