We loved the paintings & installations of Julien Prévieux shown on Art Brussels by Galerie Jousse Entreprise.

The wall installations, called “The Universal Argumentation”, consisted of several wooden circles attached to each other in their centres so they could spin in various combination, carved with economical terms and abbreviations. The visual impression immediately made one think of secret society organigrams: mysterious and impenetrable to the outsiders.
The meticulously executed paintings were part of “F.A.Q.” series from 2007, presenting a number of geometric motifs associated with terms concerning social issues (education, sexual deviance, psychiatry, public interest…). These patterns, often used for book covers, involve the relation between accumulated knowledge and over-interpretation, formulation and formalization: to what degree do these motifs model the concepts referred to?

By looking further through Julien’s online portfolio (u gotta download a PDF to see it, but we promise it’s worth it), we discovered plenty of other interesting projects, such as the “Letters of Non-Motivation“, the series of drawings “Looking for an Economic Miracle” or the “Post-Post Production” video work in which the artist adds a completely new set of effects to an penultimate James Bond movie: each shot is enhanced by additional explosions, flames, smoke, torrents of water and avalanches.

At the end of this month, Jousse Entreprise presents a solo show of Julien Prévieux, titled “Dimensions in Modern Management”. So if you’re in Paris at that time, don’t miss it!