Mumbai-based artist Shilpa Gupta creates artwork using interactive video, photographs, objects, sound and public performances to examine such themes as desire, religion, the psychology of fear and notions of security. Concerned with our vision of today’s world, Gupta often uses interaction as a means to invite us to participate in exploring the above mentioned themes.

One of her works shown on Art Brussels was entitled ?Threat? and consisted of hundreds of pieces of soap embossed with the word ?threat? and arranged in a brick wall-like installation. During the original exhibition in 2009 at Yvon Lambert in Paris, viewers were invited to take a piece of soap home to be used.

Another of Gupta’s fantastic pieces (fortunately only seen in a book) is ‘Singing Cloud‘, a large amoebic-shaped form consisting of thousands of microphones suspended from a ceiling. Rather than just amplifying sounds & sentences from a speaker, the microphones whisper and sing by themselves, as an autonomous entity.