While not being able to experience the art fair in real life this year, we were nevertheless following related online news and selected our favs purely virtually. Some “good ol’ image manipulation” compensated lack of original photos. So here goes our Art Amsterdam pick nr 1:

Represented by Torch gallery, Tinkebell was one of the artists selected for “No Holds Barred”, series of 12 solo shows within the fair, where – as the name implies – all means were allowed. A theme that easily fits all Tinkebell’s work up to date, as her absurd, hilarious and thought-provoking projects pretty much all use extreme methods. Genius as they are, they’re also continuously misinterpreted, and needless to say that extreme measures bring extreme reactions (which she again makes good use of). The most media-washed are her projects involving animals. Tinkebell’s message is very direct, but the incapability or a denial of plenty of general public to “get it” speaks for everything.

For her solo at No Holds Barred, Tinkebell prepared a fabulous presentation “On Amy Taxidermy – From a True Fan”, featuring photos and objects related to this truly fascinating young lady from North Carolina. Wow, Tinkebell, wish we’ve found her first!!!