More images by Immo Klink here.

Wednesday (20 April) artists from art activist group Liberate Tate are staging a performance in the Tate Britain on the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 workers and spilled 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days.

A naked member of the group has had an oil-like substance poured over him by silent figures dressed in black and wearing veils, and is now lying in a fetal position on the floor in the middle of the exhibition Single Form. Dedicated to the human body, Single Form is one of a series of ‘BP British Art Displays’ staged throughout the galleries of Tate Britain.

Simultaneously a letter was published in The Guardian signed by 166 artists, writers, curators & academics (myself included) calling for the Tate to end its relationship with the oleaginous BP. The UK’s National Portrait Gallery also enjoy patronage from BP with the Portrait Award, a fitting venue as the accumulated portraits of witless inbred aristocrats & religious figures testifies.