coming from rotterdam, wilfried lentz is one of the galleries participating in the stylish independent show (avoiding the term art fair) which opened yesterday in the former dia art center in chelsea. in his beautiful, minimal stand, wilfried lentz presents installation by rosella biscotti, photographs by ulrik heltoft and an amazing video piece ‘red alert‘ by hito steyerl. if you have a chance, make sure to ask wilfried to explain you the concept behind each work – it makes the experience even greater!

the picture above is work from a project by rossella biscotti & kevin van braak with the title ‘after four rotations of a, b will make one revolution’. the two bronze blocks are referring to figurative socialist sculptures of karl marx and v.i. lenin: they are made in the same material as the originals & they have exactly the same weight. the artists thus blend art history and political history into a very strong piece of contemporary art.

more coverage of independent & other fairs in the coming days…when we catch a breath! :-)