the spring begins today & so does new era for happy famous artists – bad art for bad people!
we’re excited to welcome 2 new contributors to our blog: rick b & françois joseph de kermadec.

rick b has recently joined our artistic ranks & is the man behind ten percent, a must-read source of information for every person who possesses sanity & values keeping it or enjoys banging their head against the wall until it is a bloody pulp, either is fine. he now will help art spotting but beware art world, he has a full artistic license and knows even bigger words than you do.
rick is based on a mysterious island hideaway far beyond this realm (ynys môn – google it), yet his attention is global. every now & then he graces us with his presence during intensive brainstorming and plotting in prague, london & other mobile hfa units.

fj de kermadec, the sharp-eyed & soft-spoken parisian dandy who we felt instantly drawn to during our encounter in london last year, will share his impressions on the various shows and exhibits he attends in his spare time, paris & beyond.
fj is the founder and principal of webstellung, a communication consultancy that specialises in helping entrepreneurs find and raise their true voice.
in the rare moments that he’s not branding, fj writes reviews for various computer-related publications, focusing primarily on apple’s ecosystem and its heritage. but his fine pieces of prose are simply too cool to leave him in steve job’s realm only, so we gave him the red pill and his writing now runs free.

welcome fj & rick! through our physically disparate yet intellectually close synthesis, happy famous artists – bad art for bad people shall continue the cataloguing of the sly profundities, fake banalities and hidden subversions of the human pastime we call art.

(image: courtesy of asvp, adjusted by us)