to welcome ourselves back in our favorite city, we attended the preview of ‘the shape we’re in‘ on on the top floor of a broadway scyscraper last night. 5 emerging artists – sarah braman, ethan breckenridge, sean dack, matthew darbyshire & nick van woert – show their works in this amazing location, with outlook all over manhattan. see photos on our flickr page!
the shape we’re in‘ is the first US exhibition of the zabludowicz collection and runs in parallel with ‘proposal for for a floor‘ @ the same location & 2 other exhibitions of the same name in zabludowicz headquarters, prince of wales rd, london & in various vacant shops in camden.

the ny show runs from 1 march till 15 april & if you’re in the city for the armory arts week, you might want to hop in on thu morning for the breakfast viewing from 9-11, before hitting the fairs. it’s definitely worth it!
rsvp in advance (essential) for the breakfast viewing, otherwise show’s opened from 12-6pm till march 6 & after that by appointment.