to sweeten the changeover from manhattan to our provincial european city, we decided to devote the first saturday back on the old continent to the dandelion of the brussels’ art scene. at almine rech, where you get the chelsea warehouse feeling without the need for the 8-hour flight, we were lucky to still catch half of the fantastic hedi slimane show – the other half being on display in paris – and a parallel solo of katja strunz. both paris & brussels slimane shows finish march 26th, so hurry up!
showing @ meessen de clercq was an interesting group expo curated by latitudes, presenting work by 5 artists who deal with elements of industrial or domestic design within their oeuvre.
around the corner @ xavier hufkens we saw the impressive spray can paintings by the los angeles multidisciplinary artist sterling ruby. awesome show within an equally awesome interior.
one of our favs, the aeroplastics gallery, was unfortunately closed for installation (opening with a new show next week), but in the project room of baronian francey we had the chance to admire a fabulous sculpture by frédéric platéus (pic above), which successfully completed our uptown journey.
before getting back to the hfa hq to continue working on our own upcoming project, we made a short stop at alice gallery to see the show of the brussels’ futuristic anarchist sozyone gonzales.
with that, we consider our assimilation process completed!