imagine a – pretty painful – scenario of being able to visit only one gallery when on manhattan. then this gallery should probably be gavin brown’s enterprise. set away from chelsea, as well as the lower east side & the soho flock, it is nevertheless more than worth a trip to the (otherwise also fabulous just for itself) tribeca warehouse district.
gbe seems to be able to offer an unforgettable experience every time we visit. last year we loved the jonathan horowitz & the martin creed installations, this time we were equally impressed by rirkrit tiravanija‘s “fear eats the soul“, taking its title from the fassbinder’s film “ali – fear eats the soul“, a story of love bridging the existential divide. the show features, amongst other elements, a t-shirt factory and a soup kitchen presented in 2 temporary wooden booths. the usual space of the gallery is otherwise stripped bare, with doors & windows taken out, left leaning against the walls. the images speak for themselves.