From the modern to the contemporary, the Pavillon des Arts et du Design, now in its 15th Parisian edition, is currently offering the finest possible slice of the European Art market in a tasty single, frosted event.

The fair, which opened to the public yesterday morning, presents the selection especial of about eighty galleries, a fourth of which hail from Europe and beyond. With a strong focus on the decorative arts, from cosy couches to beautiful baubles, it remains a rare occasion to immerse oneself in gorgeous objets d’Art from a period sometimes too famous to be understood on both artistic and practical levels.

Whether the show is a glorious testimony to French good taste, as its organisers are keen to say, remains to be seen. It is, however, an unmistakably interesting and relaxed occasion, whether you treat it as a living museum or a sales floor. It runs until Sunday, April 3rd and you would be crazy to miss it!