olek‘s plans to come to europe in the coming months are in full preparation, but before she hits the old continent, she makes a stop on the west coast. her show @ the pacific design center in west hollywood opens next week on tuesday. needless to say we’d love to be there in person, but if it ain’t us, it’s according to g who will undoubtedly cover the event extensively! perhaps even in olek’s custom-made bodysuit ;-).
olek became an instant celebrity on christmas day 2010, when she crocheted a flashy overall for the iconic charging bull sculpture on wall street. despite the fact that the bull was stripped from his fancy dress by an art- & humor immune city guard before dawn, there were plenty of photos & a video preserving the moment, so images of the pimped-up beast were present on most art blogs within couple of hours, followed by the somewhat slower cnn & alike, causing a furore.

we finally met olek in person last week. our meeting took place inside her amazing installation @ christopher henry gallery on manhattan’s lower east side, which consists of an entire crocheted apartment – complete with bathtub, toilet, bed & blanket (with the pattern of her boyfriend’s std test results), even a crocheted dildo wasn’t missing. olek also admitted, that she often spends a night there, after her usual 16-h workday. she namely does 99% of all the crocheting herself – respect girl :-).
olek is originally from poland – her real name is agata oleksiak. she came to nyc with a backpack 10 years ago & never left. so take your chance, hollywood directors & screenwriters, to meet the beautiful east european girl with a perfect story for yr next blockbuster movie! her show is on 8687 melrose ave & she’ll be staying in los angeles for some time, crocheting everything that enters her space!

it was great fun meeting you, olek. we look forward to seeing u on our side of the ocean asap – always welcome @ the hfa headquarters xxx