moma ps1 has the first large-scale museum exhibition of laurel nakadate on display. “only the lonely” is an impressive “ten-year retrospective” of her video and photography work including, among others, “love hotel and other stories“, showing the artist in japanese love hotels performing sexual intercourse with non-existent lovers; “good morning, sunshine“, featuring young girls stripping in front of the camera on instructions of nakadate; and the fantastic photography series “365 days: a catalogue of tears” where the artist takes each day a picture of herself in sadness & tears. this show puts nakadate on the map of contemporary art as one of the most authentic video & photography artists, with a very strong body of work, both conceptually and visually. it mixes the intimacy of artists like sophie calle with the gender topics & exhibitionism of tracy emin and adds a strong commentary on interpersonal relations. the show is a must-see; on display till august 8, 2011.