Tomorrow is the last chance to visit Mona Hatoum‘s recent show at White Cube Mason’s Yard, installed on the three floors of the gallery. The work on the ground floor of the gallery, called Suspended, caught our eye. It’s a collection of thirty-five swings chained to the ceiling. Each of the 35 swings has the street map of a capital city carved into its seat, randomly chosen from six of the seven continents of the world. As the swings are constantly in motion because visitors walk “inside” the work, the installation creates a very poetic choreography “alluding perhaps to alludes the constant flux of migrant communities across the world that shape the contemporary urban experience”.
At the lower level of the gallery, the artist installed a “major new installation consisting of what appears to be models of 23 empty and derelict architectural structures the installation”. This installation is called Bunker and can be seen as an abstract architectural work but also refers specifically to buildings from Hatoum’s native Beirut.