Video game art has been around already for a while and some related events such as Into the Pixel can have video game experts and museum curators sitting side-by-side in the jury.

Last year was particularly inclined to the theme, with Whitney launching Clickistan, an online video game and half-satiric, half-serious micro-donation system designed by, and PS1 acquiring Feng Mengbo‘s Long March: Restart! (we had a go at it, but poor Red Army soldier was massacred in no time…)

But what about when famous artworld figures take up the roles of heroes and villains and get to action in a museum setting? Well, see for yourself, while letting Hunter Jonakin‘s Jeff Koons Must Die! bring out the killer in you. Rules seem easy: aim your rocket launcher on the hanging heart or some other of Jeff’s fine pieces and go for it. Once you hit a piece, animated model of Jeff walks out to chastise you for annihilating his art. He then sends guards to kill you. If you’re still alive after this round, you’ll be afforded the ability to enter a room where waves of curators, lawyers, assistants, and guards spawn until you’re finally and irreversibly dead.
Happy hunting, emerging artists!

… and good timing, Hunter. The Art of Video Games, which will take place next year at the Smithsonian might still be accepting late submissions ;-)

(Thnx for tip Marina!)