fresh from the chicago contemporary art museum, as well as series of shows all over the states, luc tuymans‘ retrospective finally comes to his land of origin. the show will be opening this friday @ bozar brussels & it’s on the must-see list.

there will be around 75 works in the exhibition, offering a chronological overview of 30 years of creative work of the antwerp-based painter; 30 years during which he became one of the leading international artists. the recurrent theme in tuymans’ work is violence, which he approaches from a historical point of view – with images of holocaust, nationalism, european colonial past etc. – evolving into more recent “american series” (see painting of condoleeza rice above). emotionally loaded images, they are nevertheless depicted in a highly depersonalized manner, characteristic for all tuymans’ works.

in parallel, tuymans’ antwerp gallery, zeno x, presents a solo show of his new works, which we visited 2 weeks ago (see photos on our flickr page). personal favorites: “driver” (portrait of a truck driver without a truck, holding a steering wheel) & “in the end you’re just dad” (close-up of a male actor, still image from a colgate commercial).

for more info see article about tuymans in last week’s financial times.