if you’ve ever walked through rivington street in shoreditch, u might remember the huge ‘scary‘ sign painted in a tunnel right next to the cargo bar. it’s one of the many signs spray-painted by ben eine throughout east london.
“eine began as a graffiti writer and tagger in the early nineties with a particular fondness for vandalising trains, but retired from this practice after realising he was no longer able to outrun the police.” (from eine’s profile in beyond the street)
apart for establishing his trademark – colorful alphabet lettering (he often executes the entire alphabet in a square of 5×5 letters, omitting the ‘w’, because “it doesn’t fit in”), eine has also worked as a printer for pow, bringing to life works of e.g. banksy, antony micaleff or faile.
this short video by abbie brandon documents some of his recent wall pieces, namely pro pro pro on ebor street & calculate on hollywell lane, both in east london. pro pro pro was on the wall of a building where the london’s mother agency is located. a week earlier, at the request of graphic design guru neville brody & in conjunction with the anti design festival, eine had painted anti anti anti on the opposite wall. mother loved the work and asked that he do something on their wall.
the calculate wall is one that eine has previously and famously painted with ‘vandalism’. this time he had been invited to paint the wall by moniker art fair, in parallel with exposing his work in one of the project spaces inside.
ben eine has a solo show @ white walls, sf, starting march 12 2011.