ray ceasar is one of the artists (the other being erik mark sandberg) showing new works in double-solo expo inaugurated last week @ jonathan levine. titled “a gentle kind of cruelty”, the expo features printed multiples as well as large-scale original prints of the toronto-based artist. caesar works in maya (a 3D modeling software used for digital animation effects in film and game industries), using it to create his figures as well as the virtual realms in which they exist. through the program, he builds digital models with invisible skeletons and anatomical joints that can be bent and manipulated to assume any pose. he wraps the models in rich textures, adding hair, skin, eyelashes and fingernails. then places them in digitally lit, impeccably detailed 3D environments built with architectural layers, windows, wallpapers, curtains and furnishings (excerpt from the press release). according to g, who has attended the vernissage, you got to see it real in order to appreciate fully the incredible detail ray’s work style enables. will run through february 19 2011.