this awesome wallpaper will soon be joining our collection of skulls!!
shared history of travel and obscure interests from atomic bombs, plastic guitars and microlights to sharks, perfumery & herbal medicine, led wallpaper designer john wakefield and his daughter louise (with a background in property renovation and photography) to conceive ‘beware the moon‘. with an aim to design and manufacture wallpaper that pushes the industry’s boundaries & catches the imaginative eye, the duo presents their first 3 lines: the skulls theme (death, rebirth), accompanied by ostrich (denial) & desire (she). all coming in variety of colors, effects & finishes. a definite must-have :-)
(we have discovered this thanks to our visit in blender @ rue de chartreux, bxl. apart from the full wallpaper line of ‘beware the moon’, blender offers a splendid selection of jewelery, clothes, accessories, hi-tech & other cool gadgets & is really worth a visit!)