why should artists make art works when they can create stories? looking at art fairs as subject, artfairist & his agents are out there, creating rumors of recession in contemporary art (fiac paris, 2008) or the art market crash (art forum berlin, 2008). artfairist is a close relative of biennalist – an art format commenting on biennials and other cultural managed events directly on location & in real time. sometimes biennalist converge with emergency room artists, providing a burning content that cannot wait (today is today, today before it is too late). biennalist can also activate the penetration format, the critical run format as well as rumeur art format. artfairist & biennalist are brain children of a danish artist thierry geoffroy, aka the colonel. currently, thierry is preparing a very large operation at venice biennale 2011 as well as at some surprise locations. we stay tuned & so should you!!!