kim guthrie is a queensland-based artist & our long-time virtual friend. he takes curious photographs of people he meets & banal places he finds himself in. kim has published 2 awesome books. ‘the beautiful people + love the world’ (2005) shows portraits of people from his neighbourhood in their native habitat – both absurd & intriguing, funny & touching. his second, recent, publication, ‘extra-ordinary’ is really a celebration of ordinariness: anti-paparazzi, anti-celebrity, it’s about the notion that everyone is as valuable as the next guy and deserves recognition. to see examples of kim’s work you can visit his blogs i photograph stuff & no wear. however – as we experienced when browsing through his books – nothing can beat seeing these pics printed in a large format. so hurry up to get in touch with kim directly & get your personally signed copy of one – or both – of these gems!