so today, i really wanted to get hfa stickers on a “bne was here” sticker.
there’s a bne on my street, so i went and got 3 stickers.
sticker 1 – great.
sticker 2 – great.
sticker 3 – placed.
getting my camera out for a photo (you know, to take it with my hand) when i get a tap on my shoulder.
it’s a cop!
he says “do u mind defacing something other than a government mail box.”
i say “there’s already a sticker on it and mine are much better looking”.
i peel off all 3 and he lets me go.

(just happen to read that the san francisco mayor allegedly offered a 2.500$ reward for any information leading to the capture of the bne guy… so i guess we better keep the identity of our collaborator secret …)