after 3 weeks of fervent travel, active & passive art activities, new friendships etc, we’re back @ our headquarters & that also means back to regular posting :-).
starting with a multimedia wizard d*face, whose street pieces we admired in both nyc & la (the photo above is of one of his famous superman murals @ downtown la). apart from stencils, d*face works with screenprinting, painting, sculpture & installation, succeeding to create awesome stuff in each & every media, on the street as well as in the gallery. we quote from his interview in beyond the street: ‘ i re-think, subvert & literally deface imagery drawn from a refuge of materialistic consumption. icons appropriated from currency, advertising & comic books are given a facelift using components of characters i’ve propagated in the public domain since 1999. when i rework the icons, i make them relevant to today’s society and our increasingly bizarre popular culture.”