pode bal is a czech art collective consisting of three artists: petr moty?ka, michal šiml and antonín kopp. they began their activity as a group in 1998, as a form of critical communication, counter-advertising, and were amongst the first ones that politicized the czech art scene in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
pode bal has received an extraordinary public & media acclaim in 2000, with their controversial exhibition “malik urvi” (a pun meaning literally “tear off the little finger” and implying “little whores”), displaying 36 portraits of former collaborators with the czechoslovak state secret police, its officers and communist officials, who maintained their important positions in czech society after the velvet revolution in 1989. the portraits included a biography of the relevant person with information about his/her pre- and post-revolution activities. ten years after, pode bal has prepared a sequel to this exhibition, which is now on display @ dox, prague. plus: this monday you can attend a discussion with the members of the group, about their project & its evolution.